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Porcelain Product

Behind story of development

in professional treatment there are many different type of treatment techniques. Depending on the person who give treatment to the skin can vary the effect of the treatment result. MK development team wanted to make consistent result with the facial treatment. However other massage tools are very aggressive. The massage tools will make bruice and contusion on the skin which customer needed to take the risk in. Icheon is city of the potery. MK have found someone who can makes pottery and porcelain for very high value with natural and beautiful curve that can give effect and make results and no pain during the treatment. That is how Porcelain therapy was introduced in the professional market.


Korean people have fantasy about having "porcelain skin" which means that it is silky smooth and clear skin tone and nothing there but glowing. The porcelain therapy was in big success because you can “design your face” by giving a simple massage which some of the spa could never give results in. Professional sap therapists have adopted the techniques for the better customer satisfaction.


: MK Porcelain therapy allows professional therapist and customers to enjoy the Troi Areuke treatment. Color of the porcelain gives the energy from the it’s Own natural source. (Often it is said that in science that we are made up with the earth, which is base of the porcelain).


Soft curves of the porcelain allow you to ease the tensed muscle and wrinkles on the face and body with excellent comfort to the skin. After massage, there would not be contusion due the curve in the Porcelain.



: Porcelain have been baked 3 times in oven at 1,200 to make the most soft and delicate curve.


: Porcelain base white clay consist of Oxygen, Hydrogen, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous,  Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Chrome, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Zinc and many other micro element which consist of basic element of human body. (It helps the penetration of the cosmetic, in the beginning some customers  might say that it requires more creams in the beginning, but the after few use the customers will you less cosmetic because base of the skin is fulfilled with the sufficient moisture and nutrients)



Green is the most common color in nature and is regarded as being a neutral factor. It has a balancing effect and will promote feelings of contentment and tranquility. Green is also sedative, soothing and relaxing in its effect. It is one of the strongest colors.


Green “ Source of Energy”, Growth and Recovery [Moisturizing]


  • Stimulates metabolism

  • Ease tensed muscle and relieves stress

  • Psychological calming

  • Recovering the skin damage

  • Moisturizing


[Short term psychological Stress]


Yellow “ Joy, Happiness” [Brightening / Whitening]


  • Stimulates body cycle

  • Stimulates brain and nervous system

  • Stimulates the activity of the intestine

  • Minimizing appetite


[Long term psychological Stress]


Red is the color of fire. It is the color of the burning, radiant sun, and of life itself. Love and joy are associated with this color. Red is the color with the greatest power of penetration and will strongly stimulate the flow of blood. Red makes lazy people more active.


Red “Passion, Strong Energy” [Anti-aging]


  • Stimulate inner & outer energy in your Body

  • Stimulate inner emotion to be more active

  • Increase in blood circulation

  • Passion

[Short term physical Stress]


Blue - This is the color of peace and infinity. It is regarded of being a cold color, and has a relaxing effect. It calm and clear mind to be more focused.


Blue “ Cool, Clarity, Hope, Trust [Acne, pimple, cooling care]


  • Cooling and calming the mind down

  • Release nervous signal to calm down

  • Minimize heat to have less skin trouble

  • Anti-inflamation

[Long term physical Stress]


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